meet our integrative team



​We focus on musculoskeletal health and treat it in a variety of ways - including myofascial release, neuromuscular re-education, assisted stretching, laser therapy, trigger point, functional medicine, ultrasound, electric stimulation, deep tissue, diagnostic ultrasound, vibration, and other modalities. 

Who We Are


​Our medical professionals here at Lakeshore Integrative Healthcare understand that every patient deserves high-quality, individualized attention in a unique healing environment. Our job is to understand your individual needs so we can formulate the perfect treatment for your personal needs.

Meet the Team


​Naprapathy – Lakeshore provides a very effective form of hands-on therapy known as Naprapathy. Dr Daniel Varanauski is a Naprapath and provides gentle, non-invasive than unusually effective pain relief.


Physiatry – Dr Kerrie Reed, MD, is board certified in both Sports Medicine and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. 

Physical Therapy - Our Physical Therapist, Bill Hitchcock, are highly sought after for their extensive skills and experience.